Doctor Who Monster Inspired Magic Anons

Silence: When people look away from you, they forget who you are, and everything they've ever done with you but remember again when they see you. Lasts for as long as anon decides
Cybermen: You are completely devoid of emotion, positive or negative, for as long as the anon decides or until someone makes you realize what you have become by either overriding the emotional inhibitor or breaking through to you on an emotional level.
Daleks: You are the perfect being of creation and everybody should be like you. Those who aren't like you must be annihilated. Lasts as long as the anon says.
Weeping Angels: Whenever you feel that either yourself or someone you care about is under serious threat you remain aware but become quantum locked and frozen in place. You unfreeze when the danger is past or someone calms you down.
Family of blood: You are convinced you are going to die soon and are determined to convince any immortals who cross your path to give you their secret to eternal life. This ends after the designated time, or if you are granted immortality.
Judoon: For as long as the anon decides, the law is all and you are the one who upholds it. You do not hear sides, there is only black and white, no grey, no testimony. There is legal and there is illegal. Those who break the law as stipulated by the mun or anon are subject to whatever justice you deem appropriate.
Midnight: You cannot move or speak for yourself. You learn through repetition, repeating everyone who speaks in front of you. You begin by speaking just after them, then at the same time and then you choice someone whose voice you will eventually steal.
Siren: For as long as the anon decides you are dedicated to healing any and all injured people and creatures who cross your path but all other people only get in the way and you are compelled to take the patients where no one can interfere before you are able to help them.
Prisoner Zero: The Atraxi are after you and you must hide. You are able to disguise yourself as anyone you meet but while you are disguised as them, they will fall into a coma. This will last until you are caught or whenever the anon says
Minotaur: You are stuck in a strange hotel. There is no way out but defeating the minotaur. In every room is someone's fear and somewhere in there is yours. If you discover your room with your greatest fear you are marked as the monster's next victim. And as everybody does, you will come to Praise Him.
Dream Lord: What once was you is split in two. An opposite version of you comes into being. If you are good, it is evil; if you are evil it is good and either way will try to teach you an unavoidable self-truth. It will remain there until the truth is realized or the copy is killed.
Madame Kovarian: You keep seeing someone who isn't there, talking to you from behind a hatch in the walls....or are you? Time frame - decided by anon
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